Our eyelash extensions are carefully selected and attached individually to your natural eyelashes. We only use high quality mink synthetic lashes that lengthen and add volume, curl, and dimension to each individual lash. The design will be selected to suit you which can be glamorous,intense or natural. 

The process will normally take around one hour. You will be lying comfortably on our treatment bed in our private studio.  A collagen treatment pad is applied under the eye, then the extensions are grafted individually onto your natural lashes. The lash adhesive is applied approx 1-2mm away from your skin, to bond with the existing lashes creating a realistic look. Our adhesives are of the highest quality.

Our eyelash extension will stay bonded to your natural lashes until the end of its normal growth cycle. However, like your scalp hair, every natural lashes have different growth and shedding cycle and they continuously fall out and grow back. Because of the irregularity of this growth cycle, most of our customers come in for a refill every 3-4  weeks replenish the fallen lashes and maintain the look.

Please arrive at your appointment on time with all make-up and oils removed from eye area and eyelashes, including eyeliner, eye shadow, eye creams, eye serums and foundation for longer lasting lashes.