Our precisely sculptured eyebrows, whether they’re defined or more natural, balance your facial features and frame your eyes.  


The eyebrow design treatment consists of waxing, tweezing and face analysis techniques to shape your perfect ‘brow lines.' Our brow tint is a must whereby we mix the shade to suit your complexion and colouring. For eyebrows that need a little extra care we will be able to reassess the shape and make the most of what you’ve have. With perseverance your brows will be on fleek in no time. 

It is important that you know how to look after your brows so we will show you how to do your brows like an expert by providing step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the brow line. A brow product demonstration from the De Kruijff makeup collection will help you to establish what type of product is most suitable for maintaining your brows at home.